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As a major leader in the forensics market, Tri-Tech Forensics, Inc. (TRITECHFORENSICS) provides evidence collection and crime scene investigation products to crime laboratories and crime scene investigators throughout the world. With over 30 years of experience, we are the nation’s most proficient developer and manufacturer of forensic kits. We are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art forensics products at affordable prices. It is our goal, through our research and development program, to continue to develop superior products to aid in all aspects of crime scene investigation and crime laboratory analysis. We know how important our products are to the forensics community, from investigation to prosecution – that is why our slogan, Identify. Collect. Preserve., represents the mission of our customers.

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Our name, Tri-Tech, reflects our company birthplace: the ‘Research Triangle’ in Raleigh, North Carolina, an area encompassing several major universities and medical research centers, as well as many progressive businesses. This was an ideal location to begin manufacturing medical and laboratory equipment. As the company evolved, the original founder of the business experienced first-hand the communications gap between the law enforcement professionals collecting evidence in the field, the medical professionals collecting evidence from the victim, and the laboratory professionals attempting to process the collected evidence. With roots in all three areas, Tri-Tech was ideally suited to provide a link between crime scenes, medical arenas, and laboratories. Extensive research revealed a lack of uniformity in forensics collection procedures and a pressing need for structure and consistency when various agencies worked together on a particular case. Thus, Tri-Tech began developing forensic evidence collection kits, which today remain the gold standard in the industry.


The goal of TRITECHFORENSICS remains as always: provide our customers with the tools they need to complete their missions. We are continuously evaluating our product offerings, seeking innovative answers to developing needs, and updating supplies to keep in step with a constantly changing field. We are determined to remain the best at providing our customers with exceptional forensic products. From proofreaders checking every letter on a form to quality control specialists carefully examining production lines, each TRITECHFORENSICS employee is aware that our products are more than just merchandise. We are working to put criminals behind bars, and, in the end, that is our rewarding mission.

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